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Contenders Wanted

Rob Cook

Unleash your potential without sacrificing what's most important. For us, that's mainly our faith and our families. Too many successful people either sacrificed their families on the way to their dreams or got most of the way there and then realized they needed their faith and their family again. Either way, that's not us. We know we are capable of incredible things and work hard everyday to bring those dreams to reality. But we also know that no success is worth losing what's most important in life. Because at the end of the day, the value of our lives isn’t measured in fortune, fame, or power, but the legacy we create for others every day. On the show we interview super successful individuals who haven't sacrificed what's most important to them and have them share their stories and the tools they used to do it. As you listen we hope to give you the confidence to continue climbing, as well as the tools necessary to get there yourself. If you want to go from Contender to Champion in your life, then join us, where Contenders are always wanted.

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